If you’re a BC resident in complete- or graduate that is part-time undergraduate studies

If you’re a BC resident in complete- or graduate that is part-time undergraduate studies

At UBC, federal government education loan help may be accessible for your requirements.

How exactly to use

  1. Apply online through StudentAid BC (SABC) to be looked at both for federal and loans which can be provincial grants.
  2. Look at the Course Load Guide to ensure you’re using credits that are enough qualify for a loan.
  3. Finish your online education loan application at minimum 8 weeks before classes start to get your financing at the start of the definition of.
  4. Submit the Master scholar Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) in prompt way if you should be trying to get a student-based loan for the time that is first. A belated submission can wait your loan.

BC residency requirement

Pupils are classified either as Dependent or Independent to find out residency and need that is financial.

Pupils are thought to be determined by a sponsor that is financial such as for instance their parent(s), unless they meet one or more for the requirements for separate status as defined below.


Pupils are believed separate when they meet a minumum of one associated with the following criteria: ?

  • Are hitched in the very first day’s classes, or are divided, divorced, widowed, a moms and dad or a solitary moms and dad.
  • Have already been away from additional college for four years (48 months) as of the day that is first of.
  • Have invested two durations of 12 consecutive months each within the full-time work force (at the least 32 hours each week) whilst not simultaneously being a full-time student getting financing through the Canada figuratively speaking Program.
  • Don’t have any parents (e.g. The student’s parents have passed on).
  • Have already been declared a ward of this court.
  • Have actually cohabited with a person, in a marriage-like relationship, for a time period of at the very least 12 consecutive months at the time of the very first day’s classes.

Optimum money restrictions

The actual quantity of financing you obtain depends upon the financial information you distribute in your internet application.

You shall get an assessment from StudentAid BC (SABC) which will describe the money quantity you’re eligible to get as soon as you are going to get it.

Optimum loan financing

Give capital

Some pupils whom submit an application for figuratively speaking will likely be qualified to receive grant financing, which need not be paid back. Your eligibility is dependent on the job.

Education loan interest

Interest starts to accrue from the portion that is federal of education loan your day after your interest-free period ends. Re Payments are not necessary unless you’ve been away from college for half a year.

You will be in interest-free status for your new study term if you return to school with a full-time student loan at a designated post-secondary institution before this grace period ends, the interest that had been building since your last study end-date will be waived and.

You will need to apply for interest-free status through your loan provider in order for your previous loans to be in interest-free status if you return full-time to school at a designated post-secondary institution, but do not plan on applying for full time loans.

Being in interest-free status means you’re in a ‘funded term’ whether you have got new loans or otherwise not, if you withdraw or have actually an unsuccessful term, it might probably influence your eligibility for further support.

Automated tuition deferral

Qualified graduate and undergraduate students will have costs deferred for starters thirty days following the tuition charge deadline in September or January. Deferrals do not connect with registration leading site deposits.


You might be qualified to receive automated tuition deferral in the event that you:

Make an application for full-time figuratively speaking by 15; and july

Meet the criteria for funding to pay for your tuition and costs

Always check your deferral from the SSC

You should check that your particular deferment was prepared by viewing the monetary summary display in the scholar Service Centre (SSC).

E mail us

Enrolment Solutions Advisors

How exactly to contact your consultant

Find your consultant’s email address in the learning student Service Centre (SSC) under Personal Info UBC connections

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